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Cost Containment

BEST SERVICE Assistance is medical assistance, TPA and multi-profile assistance company providing exceptional support for tourists, expatriates, corporations, insurance companies and individuals in South East Asia, Russia, CIS and Worldwide. We ensure maximum savings and high level of assistance care for our clients providing for them wide range of services:


Cost containment is an integral part in the work of «BEST SERVICE Assistance».

We have made significant progress in this area, especially in SEA and CIS countries reducing losses of our partners up to 30%.

Due to our representatives work, we are able to conduct personal negotiations with medical institutions, achieving substantial savings for our partners.

Our specialists from medical department provide their own opinions on the implemented or planned treatment to prevent excessive costs and protecting our customers from insurance fraud.

Our team constantly monitors the work of medical institutions that provide services for our clients.

We are seeking discounts from hospitals and providing the full control over the process of billing.

We have exclusive contracts and fixed prices in some medical institutions what also reduces costs.

For example we are able to reduce to half the price of appendectomy (uncomplicated) in Thailand, Pattaya: from 2 500 – 3 000 USD to 1 500 – 1 800 USD due to timely transfer to another medical facility.

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