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Reimbursement of Expenses

BEST SERVICE Assistance is medical assistance, TPA and multi-profile assistance company providing exceptional support for tourists, expatriates, corporations, insurance companies and individuals in South East Asia, Russia, CIS and Worldwide. We ensure maximum savings and high level of assistance care for our clients providing for them wide range of services:


«BEST SERVICE Assistance» offers unique real time payment service which allows our client to feel good under any circumstances.

We are able to reimburse the expenses directly to the client on the place of insurance event.

If the traveler has paid the expenses himself, our company can make the reimbursement of the expenses to the taraveler's bank card or by any other method at the request of the traveler or the customer.

So you can be sure that anywhere in the world even if the expenses have been already incurred, your clients could save their money.

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